A little bit about me....

Functional design and aesthetics : as an industrial designer, the challenge lies in front of me in order to create a balance between the two.

My childhood in Crete was filled with artistic and constructive ideas. I moved to Belgium at a young age. Later on I pursued a rather artistic career. I started studying architecture in Highschool. By the time I was 21 I graduated as a designer at Howest and started specializing in furniture design.

Now I can systematically explore the possibilities within the field of industrial design. Functionality, beauty , durability, all important aspects in my designs.

Curriculum vitae


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for Howest

When attending a public place/café it is a very common problem as where to put your bag/purse. Many people do not know what to do with their bags and proceed to place them on the ground or their lap. This bistro table solves this problem with it's four elegant folds forming a hook at each end. You can easily hang your bag/purse or newspaper to one of the four corners of the table, without losing visual contact with your stuff. The folds are designed so that they form a structural and aesthetic unity with the table.

Materials: polyurethaan coating, oak wood.



for Dils & Mander

This stool mainly consisting of UHPC concrete was designed in such way that each individual piece can be replaced if damaged. The two wooden legs can also be replaced by other materials. This way the user can personalise his stool.

Materials: ultra high resistance concrete, thermo wood.



for Howest

In this concept a system is used where the user is able to define how the composition of the inner structure is put together. The inox cables create a durable and stable rack for your books or other objects.

Materials: inox, cables, lacquered multiplex.



for Howest

SKOF is a low tech kitchen drawer with an integrated container for herbs. The product has been made in a such way that when installing it drastic changes are avoided in your kitchen. The front of SKOF consists of a glass plate with a small spacing so that sunlight can reach the herbs. The small spacing is meant to regulate the airflow. author: Phebos Xenakis
designed with: Aaron Lanneau, Aurelie Fraeyman, Annelies Goossens, Mathias Bruyneel, Lander Vanlierde, Jules Deberlanger

Materials: MDF, glass, polypropylene.



for Technical University of Zvolen

An organic shape made by the multiple segments creates an aesthetic and comfortable public bench. This bench exists of two sitting areas. One is meant for sitting, the other one is meant for lounging. At night the illumination of various segments at the end of the bench indicate where the bike racks can be found. The center of the bench is made up of concrete while the exterior segments are made out of KLP, a hard polymer consisting of recycled HDPE.

Materials: concrete, KLP.



for Howest

It wasn't the wood that was adjusted to the design, but the design that was adjusted to the wood. Each piece has a standard manufactured profile that was used to connect one piece to another. View the article here

Materials: Polypropylene, rope, thermo wood.