The Karekla-chair is a chair created from a series of neglected wooden shells that were gifted to our school by a Belgian company. A simple adjustment of cutting the shell into segments made it into this one of a kind furniture piece, preserving it's original volume. When one decides to sit in the chair, the segments will succumb to the weight of the user and create a comfortable seating. When the user stands back up again the shell returns to its original shape forming an almost sculptural object. No additional springs or rubber bands have been added to the design. The flexibility is purely created by the wooden segments.

The design as a whole was supposed to look like an abstract object, making people doubt it’s purpose as a seating element. The fact that most of the people who tested it were afraid the segments of the chair wouldn’t hold out (because the safety arch wasn't visible) gave it a sort of a comical twist.

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-Cover photo taken by Mobel